Thatcham Approved Installers of Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems


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Tracker Battery Powered Retrieve - £249.00

(Supplied and installed and inc 1st Years Subscription)

VehTech offer the NEW Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve as an entry level, Thatcham approved stolen vehicle tracking system. Tracker BP Retrieve uses Tracker's proven Very High Frequency (VHF) technology.


Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve is a self-contained device with its own power source and therefore does not need to be wired into your asset's electrical system.


This means, that there are less restrictions on where the unit can be installed within the vehicle and also increases the range of assets that can be protected.

The Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve has a 5 year life from the date of installation and should your asset be stolen, upon recovery a free of charge inspection will be arranged by Tracker, to ensure the unit is working correctly.



How it works

Once advised, Tracker, via their own, purpose-built radio network, are dedicated to getting your vehicle back.

VHF can still track your vehicle even if it is in an underground car park, a shipping container or transported in a covered trailer. As soon as the actived unit is within range of a Tracker equipped Police Vehicle it will be identified through a unique code known only to Tracker and the Police.


Once located, Tracker will send a uniformed guard to wait with the vehicle and  once secured, Tracker will arrange for a recovery company to collect and return your vehicle to you.*


Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve Subscriptions (inc Tracker Guard & Recover*)

1st Year Subscription is included.


Annual subscription is then £99.00 inc VAT per year or upgrade to a 5 year susbscription for an additional £199.00 inc VAT


(All subscriptions are payable to Tracker directly and the upgrade option to a 5 year package must be made within the first 12 months)



*This service is only available in mainland Great Britain.



Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve is suitable for a wide range of vehicles and assets including:


Cars, Classic Cars, Vans, Commercial Vehicles, Trailers, Horseboxes, Quad Bikes, Caravans and Catering Trailers.