Thatcham Approved Installers of Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems


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How Tracker Monitor works:

Unauthorised movement of the vehicle is detected by Tracker network

Tracker alerts the vehicle owner 

The owner then confirms the theft and advises the police and Tracker to activate the Tracker unit 

Police cars and helicopters pick up the signal, track and locate the vehicle - even if hidden or concealed 

Tracker also have detection systems at fixed sites such as ports 

Tracker or the owner can chose Tracker's Guard and Recover service. Tracker will send a uniformed security to wait with the vehicle and once secured, Tracker will arrange recovery of the vehicle back to the owner.

Please note that the Tracker Guard and Recover service is only applicable to recoveries in mainland Great Britain.


Tracker Monitor - £169.00

(Supplied and installed but plus subscription)


*VehTech are an offical TRACKER installer*



VehTech offer the Tracker Monitor as a cost effective, insurance approved stolen vehicle tracking system. Tracker Monitor uses Tracker's proven Very High Frequency (VHF) technology.

Tracker Monitor will monitor your vehicle 24 hours a day and any unauthorised movement of the vehicle will be detected by the Tracker network.




Tracker Monitor Subscriptions (payable directly to Tracker)

Annual Subscription (inc Tracker Guard & Recover) £169.00 inc VAT
3 Years Subscription (inc Tracker Guard & Recover) £389.00 inc VAT